Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Symbiosis of the Pioneers!

Okay, now that was a heavy blog title, but ‘Symbiosis’ is the term that suits the best to describe what these 2 leading brands did. I was a win-win situation for both of them and the advertisement’s packaging definitely appealed to the viewer’s sensibilities. This advertisement was not aired in India so I am sure you have not seen it however, thanks to Google it is there on Youtube. The ad is called Nike Plus. It is a joint venture by Nike and Apple to improve the fitness of the masses. The ad shows the ipod acting like a pedometer and encouraging the user to run the distance. This ad was a winner hands down at the Cannes advertising awards festival that year. I really liked the ad for the sheer brilliance of the collaboration between 2 leaders in their own segment of products. I am sure both Nike and Apple did not need each other to sell their products, however this advertisement added the elegant icing on the cake. Watch it!

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